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Use WANDai to optimize your pricing, product portfolio and manage discounts in a smart way
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Use WANDai to optimize your product portfolio
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Understand your client behavior
Use insights to grow profitably
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Understand what products your customers love

Make product portfolio decisions based on data, not crystal ball:
- Up- and cross-sell
- Product bundles
- Products  to sell in a subscription model
- Product line extensions and phase-out candidates


Optimize pricing to grow profitably

Get access to pricing intelligence and use that as a basis for setting your prices across platforms (own store, Amazon)


Plan your sales wisely  

Make sales attractive to your customers and profitable for you:
- Smartly manage different discount measures, from store-wide sales to influencer vouchers
- Customize the level of discount (from no discount to deep end-of season discounts) based on your customer preferences and prior behavior

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